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Zoning Forms and Permits 

Need a Zoning Permit?

Many types of construction require a permit including, but not limited to, fences, sheds, decks, signs, new dwellings, change of use, and grading. The Zoning Inspector will gladly assist in the permit process.  Here are the ways you can apply for a permit:

  • Select the needed permit application from the list below (scroll down), print and complete it and bring it to the Zoning office for approval and payment.

  • OR meet face-to-face with the Zoning Inspector to complete and submit your permit application.

The Village of Van Buren utilizes Wood County Building Inspection for inspection and permitting of commercial properties. These permits and inspections are in addition to zoning permits that must be received through the Village of Van Buren Zoning Department.  Wood County Building Inspection may also be contacted at:

  • 419-354-9190 (Phone)

  • 419-373-6786 (Fax)

  • 419-354-9190 (Inspections)

What is the Permit Application Forms Process?

  • In accordance with Van Buren Ordinance Number 718, the standard process for obtaining a Zoning Permit is as follows:

  • The property owner/applicant determines that a particular project is wanted and seeks to fulfill the need utilizing the process provided in the Village Zoning Code.

  • The applicant obtains an application to obtain the proper permit by downloading the application or by contacting the Zoning Inspector via email at or by calling 419-299-3234 to have the proper application sent to them

  • The applicant completes the application as required and sends the application along with any other drawings as indicated on the application form along with the proper permit fee(s) required for processing.  If the project involves the construction of a primary home, the applicant will submit the building plans to include the front façade appearance, footprint of the building(s) on the property, and other documents/drawings as may be applicable or as requested by the zoning inspector.

  • No application will be processed by the zoning inspector’s office without the submission of the associated application fee and other fees (i.e. utility assessments) as applicable.

  • The normal processing time for basic applications is 72-96 hours.  If the Village Architectural Committee needs to review the project plans, the turn-around time will be 72 hours after the plans have been approved by that committee.  Should the project submitted require review by the Village Planning Commission, the application will be processed within 72 hours after the Planning Commission approves the project.

NOTE – If your application is denied, you have the right to file for a hearing before the Board of Zoning Appeals.  The process for this is located elsewhere on the Village website.


What requires a zoning permit?

  • Construction, which includes but not limited to: Additions, sheds, decks, fences, swimming pools, and signs, whether new or replacement.  

  • Any time a property changes its use.

  • Any development located within a floodplain. 

  • When in doubt, call the Zoning Inspector to see if your particular project must have a zoning permit.

How long is a zoning permit good for?

A zoning permit is valid for one year after the date of its issuance.

How much does a Zoning Permit cost?

Please refer to the Zoning Permit Fee Schedule:

Why do I need a Zoning Permit?

A permit is necessary before construction begins to assure the project is meeting: size, height and setback requirements per the Village zoning code.

Please refer to the Zoning Permit Fee Schedule listed below.


What happens if I do not obtain a permit?

If you fail to obtain a permit before construction starts or changes of use are made to any property, and the permit fee will be doubled and a stop work order will be placed on the project until the proper permit is secured with all fees paid.

What is a site plan?

It is a sketch that indicates where your structure is in relation to the property lines, and the dimensions of the structure and the lot.

What constitutes a change of use?

When there is a change of one use type to another. For example, a residential use changes to an office or retail use, or an office changes to a retail or residential use.

Do I need a permit to hold an event or temporary street closure permit?

Yes, an event permit is required for a variety of events, including but not limited to:

  • Parades

  • Street closures

  • Street festivals

  • Block parties

    • If street closures are requested

  • Parking restrictions

    • If requesting an extended use of parking spaces on Village of Van Buren’s streets

    • If requesting permission to temporarily place dumpster in parking area

  • Oversized load travel

    • For non-state route travel in the Village of Van Bure

    • Required to provide a copy of the State of Ohio permit

    • Certificate of Liability Insurance with the Village of Van Buren listed as Certificate Holder using P. O. Box 275 Van Buren, OH45889 as the address

  • Stationary location

    • For use of a Village-owned facility or right-of-way

To apply for a permit please complete the All-EVENT PERMIT APPLICATION listed below and submit as per the instructions at the bottom of the form.

For larger events, a meeting may be required with the Village's Event Committee.

Van Buren - Land Use Planning Map

Van Buren Engineering Checklist for Subdivision

Village of Van Buren Zoning Map 

Water and Sanitary Sewer Application

Occupancy Application

Conditional Use and/or Change of use Application

Zoning Certificate

Board of Zoning Appeals - Application for Variance

Certificate of Occupancy

Extension of Time Application

New Single Family Residential Permit Application

Alley/Street Vacation Petition Application

Driveway Permit Application

Sidewalk Permit Application

Parking Lot Permit Application

Home Alteration/Addition Permit Application

Demolition Permit Application

Accessory Building Permit Application

Fence Permit Application

Van Buren Integrated Zoning and Land Use Ordinance

Van Buren Subdivision Regulations

Integrated Zoning and Land Use Fee Schedule

Commercial and Industrial Uses Permit

Pool Permit Application

Sign Permit Application


Solar Permit Application

Wind Turbine Application

Zoning Certificate of Compliance

Working in Rights of Way Permits Application

All Event Permit

Footer Location Inspection

Stop Work Order

Expired Permit Letter

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