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Village Officials

The Village Mayor's executive powers and duties include presiding over meetings, executing official documents, serving as ceremonial head of the government: in first class or home rule municipalities, mayors have veto power as well. The mayor serves as presiding officer and chairs the meetings of the council.


The Village President of Council ensures that the Village of Van Buren Council fulfils its responsibilities for the governance of the Village of Van Buren as well as assuming the role of the Mayor if the mayor is unavailable.


The Village Council is responsible for making the decisions necessary for the operation of their community on behalf of the citizens who elected them. Decisions made on Village matters by Council members often consist of budgetary, human resources, allocation of resources, policy and procedures.


The Village Clerk oversees the general financial management of Village of Van Buren. The Clerk keeps track of the budget, write cheques, and provide financial reports to the Village Council. The Clerk is also responsible for reconciling bank statements, managing cash flow, and investing funds in accordance with the law. Also, the Clerk attends all meetings of the legislative authority of the village, and keep a record of its proceedings and of all rules, bylaws, resolutions, and ordinances passed or adopted.


For general questions and complaints, please contact us via our Contact Page

Edward May
Phone: (419) 299-3224
General Questions

Eric Heitkamp
Phone: (419) 957-1533
West Market and Locust

Ashley Little
Council Member
Phone: (###) ###-####
Creswell and Windom

Greg Ayers
Village Clerk
Phone: (419) 722-7732
Minutes, Ordinances, Resolutions

Don Wills
Council Member
Phone: (419) 306-0531
S. Main and Walnut St.

Natalie Walters
Council Member
Phone: (614) 403-6581
Elm and Couchet Lane

Nick DeVore
Council Member
Phone: (567) 208-1133

North Main Street


Adam Still
Council Member
Phone: (419) 348-3447
E. Market, May, Cherry

Adam Still.jpg

Rob Feighner
Village Attorney
Phone: (419) xxx-xxxx

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