Village Officials

We want to hear from You! For general questions and complaints, please contact us via our Contact Page,

Edward May
Phone: (419) 299-3224
General Questions

Eric Heitkamp
Phone: (419) 957-1533
West Market and Locust

Katie Omlor
Council Member
Phone: (567) 208-9088
Creswell and Windom


Greg Ayers
Village Clerk
Phone: (419) 722-7732
Minutes, Ordinances, Resolutions

Don Wills
Council Member
Phone: (419) 306-0531
S. Main and Walnut St.

Natalie Walters
Council Member
Phone: (614) 403-6581
Elm and Couchet Lane

Nick DeVore
Council Member
Phone: (567) 208-1133

North Main Street


Adam Still
Council Member
Phone: (419) 348-3447
E. Market, May, Cherry

Adam Still.jpg

Rob Feighner
Village Attorney
Phone: (419) xxx-xxxx