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Current Ordinances and Resolutions


An ordinance is a law enacted by a municipal body such as a village.

Ordinances govern matters not already covered by state or federal laws such as

zoning, safety, and building regulations.


If you have any questions or need a copy of an ordinance or resolution, please contact us via our Contact Page.




A resolution is a written motion adopted by a deliberative body such

as the village council. The substance of a resolution can be anything that can normally

be proposed as a motion. Typically, when greater formality is desired, a motion

may be made in the form of a resolution which is always submitted in writing.


Complaints and Code Violations


The Residential Property Committee addresses neighborhood complaints and code violations such as junk/abandoned vehicles, tall grass/weeds, dilapidated structures, junk/rubbish on-premises, sidewalks, number of dogs, and similar issues:

Ordinance No. 751 - Sidewalk Construction Policies

Ordinance No. 824 - Junk and Inoperable Motor Vehicles


Ordinance No. 825 - Junk and Material Storage

Ordnance No. 838 - Number of Dogs Per Household


Ordinance No. 875 - Long Grasses and Weeds

Each issue that is submitted is investigated, photographed, and cataloged by the Zoning Inspector. Property owners are notified via U.S. Mail and/or personal visits from The Village Council to address the code violation. 

If property owners fail to handle the issues, the Village Solicitor will have the matter abated and then invoice the property owner for the expenses incurred in the abatement. When invoices are unpaid, the charges are assessed to the property taxes and remain with the property. Gaining compliance is our goal.

Please contact us via our complaint form - click HERE to access the form. 

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