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Village Council Committees

LAW AND ORDINANCE COMMITTEE: Provides legal advice to the Village Council, the Mayor, and Village’s various committees. Additionally, discuss revisions to correct out-of-date ordinances, address requests for changes from the public and Village Administration, and create new ordinances to address new issues as needed:


RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY COMMITTEE: Provides the mayor if any issues communicated from the Village Residents or issues that needs to be address by Council such as abandoned vehicles, tall grass, trash, nuisances, dilapidated structures, and junk on premises:


FINANCE AND AUDIT COMMITTEE: Provides Council with recommendations and reviews the Village’s Revenue and Expenditure reports against the annual budget estimates and reports this information to the Council, seek grants, responsible for the compliance of the Village’s records policy, and issues Solicitation Permits:


BEAUTIFICATIONS AND COMMUNITY EVENT COMMITTEE: Provides the mayor opportunities to build relationships between neighbors through engagements in beautification projects and entertainment/festival events that showcases the Village as well as making our Village the best it can be:  


PUBILIC AFFAIRS COMMITTEE: Provides and maintains public relations for the Village Council through advocacy, transparency and improvement of communications, media, and policies:


INFRASTRUCTURE COMMITTEE: Provides the mayor recommendations or concerns with any trees, streets including striping and signage, sidewalks, curbs deteriorations, water, sanitary, storm water collection systems including manhole/catch basins, street lights and weather siren are malfunctioning, and lane/street vacation:


ASSET COMMITTEE: Provides the mayor with improvements, grant recommendations, and reports of any damages to Hoadley Park, Village Square, Post Office, and Acquisitions:


PLANNING AND ZONING COMMITTEE: Provides Council with recommendations to the Village Council on all issues related to the Village’s zoning code and subdivision regs including changes to the code and requests to rezone lots: 

Edward May
Planning & Zoning


Greg Ayers
Finance & Audit


Nick DeVore
Residential Property



Eric Heitkamp
Public Affairs


Ashley Little
& Community Events



Don Wills


Natalie Walters


Boston Siferd
Beautifications & Community Events



Rob Feighner
Law & Ordinance 

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